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Diy Creative

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Tube Lamp V2.0 [Jan. 26th, 2008|07:55 pm]
Diy Creative
100_1074 (by timmyj1138)

This is a project i finished last year, and have just been putting off posting up, mostly because i had the whole thing written out for a post, and my laptop crashed and i lost it all and i haven't felt like re-doing it.... anywho, I remade the design for the previous mad scientists lamp into a much nicer package for more awesome shots and such... Click on any of the photos for much larger versions

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Messenger Bag Project [May. 2nd, 2007|09:13 pm]
Diy Creative
Started a new project Last weekend on a whim, I purchased some old canvas mail bags off of ebay to make some things out of... I love used beat up canvas, it's so durable, and soft and adds a neat touch. I decided to see how well i could make a messenger bag, so i dusted off the sewing machine and set to work... here's some photos...

With the removable strap attached

I deceided to hook the bullet on there for an added flair

Comfortable enough to hold a standard sized laptop

My Design Logo on the side...

I was thinking about selling this bag off with any doable single color design the buyer would want, and may be willing to make some more custom bags like this since i have extra material if anyone is interested... if you are feel free to hit me up... and as always, let me know what you guys think!!


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Some new projects [Apr. 8th, 2007|11:07 pm]
Diy Creative
hey all, life's been a bit hectic lately, but i wanted to share a few new projects i have been working on.

I used to be real into screen printing my own shirts, and i still am, gonna be getting my own screen and inks soon to do some detailed work.
but these designs were all made by cutting out detailed stencils and using spray adhesive to adhere them to the shirts and such, then i spray them with acrylic enamel spray paint (flat colors, no gloss) to get a real nice image thats lighter then the standard screen print inks, and can go through the wash just fine. here's some samples of what i've been up to as well as some custom sewing on my messenger bag, i sewed an old t-shirt with a budda print inside the flap (the green background fabric on the messenger bag) lemme know what you all think.










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Current Project: 40's Mahogany Wardrobe [Sep. 26th, 2006|10:03 am]
Diy Creative
[mood |awake]

Hey everyone, sorry for the long silence, just got done moving at the beginning of the month, and i'm finally seeing some daylight in sorting through all the boxes and getting things organized :) but i figured i would give you guys all an update on one of my current interim projects before i get back to some of the previous ones i posted about before.

I found myself in need of an entertainment center for my tv after the move, i wanted something classy, and able to have doors i could close so the TV wasn't visible at all times, i hate TV's being the focus of a room. after a thought i decided to hit craigs list and see what furniture i could find on there, maybe a vintage side table or something of the sort for the time being. instead i ran across this Vintage Mahogany Wardrobe, pretty slick looking, and it just so happens to match my end table next to the couch.

More Pics/Info Behind the CutCollapse )
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Retro Coffee Table Project [Aug. 21st, 2006|08:52 pm]
Diy Creative
Just another project i wrapped up inbetween some others i have planned this month, since the others are waiting on a few more supplies and some more expendable cash i figured i would wrap this up, If you are interested, more pics and info behind the Cut.


A 50's Kitchen Table purchased for $10, was a bit too big to fit in the new apartment i'm moving into's kitchen,
but a bit too small to use as the dining room table, if i had the matching drop leaf, it may be a different story,
instead i decided to chop the legs in half and use it as a coffee table which i was desperatly in need of a good one...

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D [Aug. 20th, 2006|04:06 am]
Diy Creative
Just a couple of new projects i have on the table for the next few weeks, figured i would show them off now before i get to fully work on them, maybe get some ideas from people...

If you want to see larger versions of the pics just click on them



First up, my father picked up two more 50's fans at the auction friday... i was gonna lay off the fans for a bit so i wouldn;t burn myself out on them, but he got them for a good price, and i have to admit they are pretty coold looking, i only have the pics for this one up for now, it's got real cool vintage looks, and i love the raised polished aluminum ribs on it. not sure what i'll do with them once i'm done restoring them, I may see if there is a market for them on ebay or something of the sort. any suggestions for the colors?

annnnd i got this bad boy last week that i'm going to rip apart and Re-upholster (once again, click the pics for a larger view) This is a Mid century Danish Modern Arm chair, mid 50's or so from what i can tell. It's super comfortable which is what made me decide i wanted to re-do it, and it sits low to the ground so it definatly has that laid back feel.


but i wanted to get everyones opinion of what i recover this chair with, the choices i've narrowed it down to are:

squaresfunchriscol0156 counterpointsage1083 counterpoint

So Which one do you think i should go with?

Let me know what you guys all think...
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Another Vintage Fan [Aug. 13th, 2006|11:04 pm]
Diy Creative
[mood |accomplished]

Finished another Vintage fan for my friend yesterday, i saw it and though he would like it.

the first two pictures (with the pink rug thing) are the before pictures... i didn't take any myself so those are from the auction i won...
aka= I do not own any hot pink rugs thank you very much :)

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50's Chair Upholstery [Aug. 10th, 2006|04:40 am]
Diy Creative

A chair we have had at my parents house for years, i convinced my brother to let me reupholster it with the leftover fabric i had from the hassock fan i re-did the other week.

Click here for more info on the RebuildCollapse )
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Project: The Tube Lamp [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:17 pm]
Diy Creative
This is an older Project i made based off a design i saw on the net, i ended up doing a how to for make magazines blog on thier website, i re-named it the Mad Scientists Night Light.

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Project: Vintage Smokestack Lamp [Aug. 2nd, 2006|08:13 pm]
Diy Creative
Just got done one of my projects i've been working on for a little while now... and i figured i would post it up here and see what you guys think... I've been working on making a industrial/vintage looking lamp, similar to what you would see in old science fiction movies of vintage or victorian science apparatus for tommy, he really liked the idea, and i have enough shit laying around my room that i don't need more stuff, plus i like making these things for other people, it's just more fun, and each one is original and made out of parts that i can't find again...

well anyways... on with the pictures...Collapse ).

I liked the way this one turned out, so i may try making some more of them, though each will be different since i don't have the same exact parts to make duplicates... well anywho lemme know what you guys all think...
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