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Project: Industrial Red Floor Fan [Aug. 2nd, 2006|08:44 pm]
Diy Creative
Today I decided to take apart a vintage fan my grandmother gave me a few weeks back, if you are ever in need of a fan in a room, i recommend buying older vintage fans in second had shops and such specially older ones with the aluminum fan blades, older fans push so much more air around then these newer cheaper fans.

Some "before Photos" of a similar model (i didnt realize what i was gonna do till i had it halfway cleaned and disassembled)

I took the whole thing apart and removed all of the wiring, and soaked everything (except the motor, switches, ect) in the bathtub with dish soap to help me remove the years of dust and buildup inside the fan.
FUN FACT: This whole project started becuse whenever i would turn on the fan the whole room would fill with musty air (from being stored in a basement for years), when i stopped noticing it but other people didn't i decided it was time for a bath and a remake, i figured all that dust probably trapped moisture and odor in it and it definatly had to go...

Fan Painted, Aluminum Fan Blades Polished and cleaned, entire fan rewired and tested... works like a charm.
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Project: Retro Hassock Floor Fan [Aug. 2nd, 2006|08:40 pm]
Diy Creative
So i didn't get much sleep last night, mostly cause i knew i had to be up early, and because i had a bunch of idea swirling around in mah head...

My father Picked up this Vintage 50'sish Floor Fan at The auction last night for $2 for me cause he thought it would be something i would be interested in and fixing up and taking apart (does he know me or what) so inspiration struck in the middle of the night and i spent a good portion of the morning turning this fan he picked up into something quite interesting i think.
If you would like to see how I turned This:

Into This:

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