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Project: Vintage Smokestack Lamp [Aug. 2nd, 2006|08:13 pm]
Diy Creative
Just got done one of my projects i've been working on for a little while now... and i figured i would post it up here and see what you guys think... I've been working on making a industrial/vintage looking lamp, similar to what you would see in old science fiction movies of vintage or victorian science apparatus for tommy, he really liked the idea, and i have enough shit laying around my room that i don't need more stuff, plus i like making these things for other people, it's just more fun, and each one is original and made out of parts that i can't find again...


I liked the way this one turned out, so i may try making some more of them, though each will be different since i don't have the same exact parts to make duplicates... well anywho lemme know what you guys all think...