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Tube Lamp V2.0 [Jan. 26th, 2008|07:55 pm]
Diy Creative
100_1074 (by timmyj1138)

This is a project i finished last year, and have just been putting off posting up, mostly because i had the whole thing written out for a post, and my laptop crashed and i lost it all and i haven't felt like re-doing it.... anywho, I remade the design for the previous mad scientists lamp into a much nicer package for more awesome shots and such... Click on any of the photos for much larger versions

100_1016 (by timmyj1138)

100_1015 (by timmyj1138)

two shots of the original phonograph before i cracked it open and started working on it... yes it was non functional internally, and pretty much beyond repair.

100_1073 (by timmyj1138)

nighttime shot of the finished project

100_1071 (by timmyj1138)

Daytime shot of the upper lamp section, the light sockets are mounted into a bottom piece of plexiglass, and then the tops of them poke through another piece on top, to give the internals and wiring a suspended look... the wiring is also vintage cloth wrapped wire i had.

100_1067 (by timmyj1138)

above shot of the light sockets peeking out through the plexiglass

100_1037 (by timmyj1138)

The internal board that mounts under all that plexiglass, with original vaccume tubes and all, there are orange LEDs mounted under each vaccume tube that light op when the lamp is turned on so each tube glows like it would have originally if they were recieving power.

100_1049 (by timmyj1138)
shot of the light sockets with the light bulbs mounted into the bottom plexi, but without the top plexi so you can get an idea what i mean

100_1055 (by timmyj1138)
unit assembled, without top plexi so i could get a nice clear shot of the sockets and bottom board in place :)

100_1062 (by timmyj1138)
notice the nice stainless steel mesh added to the bottom and the different vents, ad well as a vintage on/off switch i had, and i repuropsed the original volume knob to do the dimmer control.

100_1072 (by timmyj1138)

I'll flesh out descriptions a bit more later, but i wanted to get something up in here since i haven't posted in a while, would love to see any projects any of you new members have done, i hate being the only one to post here :) well i hope you enjoy, feel free to ask any questions you may have.