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Current Project: 40's Mahogany Wardrobe [Sep. 26th, 2006|10:03 am]
Diy Creative
[mood |awake]

Hey everyone, sorry for the long silence, just got done moving at the beginning of the month, and i'm finally seeing some daylight in sorting through all the boxes and getting things organized :) but i figured i would give you guys all an update on one of my current interim projects before i get back to some of the previous ones i posted about before.

I found myself in need of an entertainment center for my tv after the move, i wanted something classy, and able to have doors i could close so the TV wasn't visible at all times, i hate TV's being the focus of a room. after a thought i decided to hit craigs list and see what furniture i could find on there, maybe a vintage side table or something of the sort for the time being. instead i ran across this Vintage Mahogany Wardrobe, pretty slick looking, and it just so happens to match my end table next to the couch.

I'm not done by far, i still have to nail a new wood backing up behind th TV, and i also want to replace the drawers with hinges behind the drawer fronts so the hinge down to reveal the Home theater controls/dvd/cd players, i'll be sure to post something up after i get all of that done, for now it's functional and does what i need to be done so it will have to suffice until things calm down a bit more here... hope everyone is doing well...


[User Picture]From: cawlydee
2006-09-26 08:36 pm (UTC)
thats totally cute.. i heart craigslist
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From: neuromancer81
2006-09-27 04:31 am (UTC)
me too, it is an excellent place to find all kinds of goodies... only cost me $60 and an hour or so round trip to get it in Salem county, not too shabby
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-12-18 09:25 pm (UTC)

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